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Hi, I'm from Australia and I would like to say, I would pay whatever dollar to fix up my sweaty arm pit problem, and then I came across Hydrosal! I just would like to say there is no other product that works as good as this, and I have tried every single product out there and this is by far the best! I will keep using this product until I stop having this problem. Thanks, Jason

I would like to bring to your attention, that I have tried the product that my doctor has recommended Hydrosal. For the past thirty years I suffered in complete embarrassment, severe sweating from the forehead, and other body areas.
This sweating was triggered by nervousness on my confrontation of an individual that I met, or dealt with on first time basis.
The more I realized I was sweating, the more severe it became. It was devastating for me, and I spoke to many doctors with really no feed back from them. Meeting Dr Benohanian was for me a miracle; Life has given me a second chance. Hydrosal is amazing and very easy to apply with almost 90 to 95 % effective rate for me. Keep up the good work and create more beneficial products like Hydrosal!! Thanks again.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have suffered from excessive sweating as long as I can remember.....the last 10 years specifically, have been the worst. I was ready to have surgery to have my sweat glands removed in my arm pits as nothing seemed to work. My doctor called me 2 weeks ago to tell me about an article that she read in the paper about Hydrosal.  After the first 2 days it started to sting a little when I applied the gel, but I got over that fast when I realized that it was working. I just finished my 7 days and have not sweat at all in 5 days. I am absolutely thrilled and hope that others will try this too. I realize that sweating is an embarrassing issue and I myself didn't talk about it much with other people, but it's kind of obvious when you can see it through your clothing. Since I no longer have this problem I have been telling my friends and family about it because I know how difficult dealing with this issue is and how much it affects your life. I am surprised to hear how many other people have excessive sweating also. Thanks again and I will continue to spread knowledge about this great product!

Before Hydrosal I would always have to worry about sweat stains in the shirts I used to wear. Now after using Hydrosal I can wear any color I want in any fabric. Hydrosal worked fast too; after 2 days I could already see the results - no more sweat stains. I highly recommend Hydrosal to anybody who has had it with those extremely embarrassing sweat stains and doesn’t want to worry about them anymore!

My story began in high school. Whenever I had a big exam or had to do a presentation in class, I would start to perspire. I tried many different deodorants, changing deodorants almost every other day. I wore dark clothing, trying to mask my condition. I started purchasing only cotton garments as well in an attempt to hide the perspiration. When the condition was at its worst, I would place many tissues or a small towel under my shirt to contain the perspiration. I would have to change clothing once I arrived at an event due to the excessive perspiration. Ten years later, a friend of mine saw an Oprah show on “Hyperhydrosis” and how this was a known medical condition. From her information, I did some research online and found a doctor in Montreal that specialized in the treatment of Hyperhydrosis. The doctor prescribed "Hydrosal". I put some on everyday for seven days before bed, and it worked! After that, I only need to apply the gel once a week and it continues to work. I’ve been using the gel for two months now. "Hydrosal" does not have any odor, has not caused any discomfort, and has removed my worries about public embarrassment. Thank you for helping me get over my embarrassing condition.

I have had the rare opportunity of treating over 7000 patients suffering from excessive sweating; the affected sites were the underarms, hands, feet, face and groins. Some of them were unquestionably candidates for surgery. Hydrosal, a new first line treatment for excessive sweating, consists of aluminum chloride hexahydrate in a proprietary gel base. Studies have demonstrated that a gel vehicle is better tolerated than an alcohol solution and that may be the reason why such preparations have improved efficacy and are better tolerated. I highly recommend this product as a first line treatment before considering Iontophoresis, Botox® injections or surgery.

Antranik Benohanian MD, FRCPC, FAAD

Dr. Benohanian is a Dermatologist at the Montreal University Hospital Center (Saint-Luc Hospital)
I've had plantar hyperhidrosis since childhood, but figured I'd have to suffer through it. This winter my sweaty feet got so wet and cold that I got 2nd degree frostbite on two toes, so I became desperate to find something to help. I found Hydrosal Gel while researching iontophoresis online. I was skeptical but am thrilled with the results! Noticeable difference after two nights and I haven't had to re-apply for two weeks now (plus, I'm in Hawaii where it's much warmer than Calgary). My feet are sweat-free but the skin is not dehydrated or itchy. I'm so glad to have found this terrific product! Will also add that the service from was great, along with the best price plus free-shipping. Thank you!! customer
This stuff really works! I've had excessive sweating for years and had pretty much given up on finding a solution.

I tried Hydrosal gel and after a few days the sweating was gone. Now I only use it a few nights a week. Let's say I stop using it for a few days. All I have to do is start using it again and by the 2nd night the sweating has stopped again. customer
I read on the net about this product and thought I would give it a go. I have a little bit of a face perspire issue in tight places like bars where people may be elbow to elbow, or job interviews with stress. I bought it, LOVE it! I use it only when needed before a situation and its all win. HIGHLY recommended and supplier is good also. customer
I have never used any product that works as well as Hydrosal Gel. customer
This stuff is a life saver! customer