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  • Hydrosal® Gel is a unique first-line topical gel treatment for excessive sweating. Developed by a dermatologist, Hydrosal Gel has a proprietary formula combining highly effective aluminum chloride hexahydrate in a gel base.
  • Hydrosal Gel is not a regular antiperspirant. It is a specially formulated gel intended for individuals with excessive sweating. It contains 15% aluminum chloride hexahydrate, an ingredient proven to be more effective than other aluminum salts used in regular antiperspirants. The composition of Hydrosal Gel leads to increased penetration, thereby offering prolonged relief. The 15% concentration of aluminum chloride hexahydrate is as effective as and better tolerated than a 20% concentration1.
  • Hydrosal Gel has a low risk of irritation due to its proprietary gel base. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the gel vehicle is better tolerated than an alcohol solution most commonly found in other products for excessive sweating, resulting in less irritation2. Hydrosal Gel not only helps to reduce perspiration, but also reduces odours3.

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