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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is excessive sweating?
A. Sweating is a normal body function that helps maintain a body temperature of around 37o Celsius through evaporation. Excessive sweating occurs when the amount of sweat largely exceeds the quantity required for thermoregulation. Common areas affected are underarms, face, hands and feet.

Q. How is Hydrosal® Gel different from any regular antiperspirant?
A. Hydrosal Gel is a specially formulated gel developed to help individuals with excessive sweating. Its proprietary formula contains ingredients not found in regular antiperspirants that enhance efficacy and help provide prolonged relief.

Q. Can I use Hydrosal Gel even if I don't experience excessive sweating?
A. Yes, you can. Hydrosal Gel could be used for situational sweating. It can provide extra protection for those moments in life where your perspiration level could increase... such as during hot weather, exams, presentations, first date, etc.

Q. Will Hydrosal Gel burn when applied?
A. Hydrosal Gel has a low risk of causing irritation to the skin. Do not apply Hydrosal Gel to broken, irritated or recently shaved areas.

Q. Why should Hydrosal Gel be applied at bedtime?
A. The sweating mechanism slows down at bedtime allowing the product to better penetrate and reduces risk of irritation.

Q. Will Hydrosal Gel still be effective if I wash my underarm in the morning?
A. You do not need to wash Hydrosal Gel off in the morning but if you shower or bathe, the efficacy will remain.

Q. Will I still need to use my regular antiperspirant/deodorant while using Hydrosal Gel?
A. In most cases, Hydrosal Gel will be all you need to control sweating and odours.

Q. Can I use Hydrosal Gel on a part of my body other than my underarms?
A. Hydrosal Gel has been clinically proven to work on underarms to reduce excessive sweating, but some customers have found results elsewhere. Please consult with your medical professional to determine if Hydrosal Gel is right for you.