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Antiperspirant Overview

  • Antiperspirants are considered to be first-line treatment for excessive sweating.
    The aim of an antiperspirant is to decrease the amount of sweating by creating a “plug” in the sweat duct. This plug will induce changes in the sweat glands in the long run, diminishing the sweat flow which in turn will diminish the need for antiperspirants.

  • The plug is made of aluminum salts. All antiperspirants have an aluminum-based compound as their main ingredient. Here are a few of the common active ingredients:

    • Aluminum chloride hexahydrate

    • Aluminum chlorohydrate with zirconium

    • Aluminum chlorohydrate

  • Among the aluminum salts, aluminum chloride hexahydrate is the most effective followed by aluminum chlorohydrate with zirconium and finally aluminum chlorohydrate used alone.